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We offer Authors complete personalized assistance in turning
manuscripts into quality book products and then marketing and
distributing them to bring the Authors’ message to the public.

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Restorative Justice is Changing the World
Restorative Justice is a successful victim-centered, grass roots, community based justice system. Its goal is to heal and restore the victims of crime through powerful face to face dialogue with their offender. Often the offender is transformed. It is truly changing the world!


Wisconsin Angel
Civil War Heroine, Cordelia Harvey, saved the lives of thousands of Civil War soldiers. She persuaded Abraham Lincoln to establish veterans hospitals in Wisconsin. The Civil War soldiers that Cordelia cared for named her their “Wisconsin Angel.”
The First Ladies Quilt
This Sampler Quilt is a Masterpiece of History. The author, Terri Borchardt, describes the amazing characteristics of the “First Ladies” of the United States and then matches those traits to a quilt block.
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